Joop Eikenaar, born in 1952 at Zwolle

Training: portrait painting by Jhr. C. Graswinckel.
As painter: Autodidact.
Expositions: From 1974 up till now various groups- and solo expositions at home and abroad.
Sales: Work at the Governental and Pricipal collections, City of Zwolle, province Overijssel and private people.
Orders: Restaurations of wall paintings and paintings ordered by the Village and private people.
Sideline activities: Teaching.
Publications: Beeldende Kunst uit Overijssel deel 3 (C.R.O.);
Kunst van (N)u 1981;
BKR inschakelen 1983;
Aankopen Beeldende Kunst 86/87 Prov. Overijssel;
Aankopen Beeldende Kunst 88 Gemeente Zwolle;
Zwols Historisch Tijdschrift 1991, nr. 1;
Several publikations in regional en national magazines.
Technique: Predilection for still lifes with oil-paint on cloth/panel, at whitch the objects are not placed together because of their logic or functional relationship, but are made dependent of the surface patterns/colour/composition and arranged according to geometric/abstract principles of order.