Joop Eikenaar
Joop Eikenaar

Manipulated reality

The painter Joop Eikenaar is not unknown in Zwolle and surroundings.
He established himself not only as an art painter, but also as a restorator.
Wall paintings in the Weeme and the Emanuel houses do uncover his retorative hand.
A hand, that loves precision and skill.
This is well observed when looking at his oil paintings.
Still lifes that are composed, drawn and painted with an endless patience.
But those, who only gawk at the techniques of Joop Eikenaar, are mistaken.
The subjects of his still lifes are stripped from their commonness by placing them in a well considered composition to each other, by playing with their perspectives, by the origin of a colour scheme and above all, by playing with light and shadows.
This is how this artist manipulates common things into new ones with their own particular expressiveness.
Those who observe well, will see more than just subjects.
Surprising fact is thus that his paintings, though figurative, have a relation to abstract art.
Colour- and surface patterns, compositions with colour accents and the discovery of new relations between the objects establish a broader vision than only a technically skillful reproduction of subjects.